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Chris' Current Projects:

This page is a list of current and pending projects that are being worked on...

Wow... I havent updated this in ages either!

Lets see:

Nikon Stereo Microscope Head to Astronomy conversion

Picked up an old converted microscope head and refurbed it for next to nothing... but my silly eyes cant merge stars.  I can manage terrestrial objects, but no dice on stars yet.  Oddly enough - I have no issue merging with my 20X80 Binoculars..


Axial RC Rock Crawler

Not so sure where to go on this on... just do a search on google for Axial SCX10 and enjoy.  Literally as many mods to the RC version as there are to real jeeps.


Apple IIGS / Sun Workstations

Its taken a couple of years to get back into the swing with my retro computing, but I'll be picking up some machines here shortly... plan on copious blog updates!