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Cameras, Music, Gaming!!

Seems like most blogs I read fall into this dilemma... lots of updates off the bat, and then months of silence... sorry to be the same as all those!  Well, I know there are only *maybe* two or three people that will read this anyway, but I'll just pretend I have swarms of avid readers hanging on my every cyber-word... ;)

Camera Stuff

So - In the last few months I have switched over to a new Camera Kit - sold off the Nikon gear and went with a Sony Nex 5n.  (Link below)


Its an amazing little camera - Full DX sized sensor - essentially the same as used in the Nikon D7000, which has hoards of folks in photography heaven.  It also will do full 1080p 60 fps video.  And WOW does it ever.  The video quality is as good as any broadcast HD video I have seen.  

Best of all - its low light performance is phenomenal.  Shooting by candlelight is literally amazing... ISO equivalent of 25,600!!!!!!!  And it only starts showing any grainyness above around 9600... amazing performance.  No flash needed for most circumstances.

The only downside is that it accepts NEX specific lenses - of which I have purchased all but the most expensive one, so I have virtually every focal length covered (the high dollar lens is a super zoom 16-200mm).  


This follows closely on the heels of my Camera info above - I shot an HD video of some guitar noodling and posted it to my youtube site, feel free to check it out and make sure to be nice!!  I hadn't played in about 3 weeks when I shot the vid...

Look for more over the next few weeks, I have a couple bed track that I posted previously that I will probably put Lead tracks on soon...



Have you seen this??


Well, Let me just say - its a pretty breathtaking simulation game set in the year 2070.  Truthfully, I have only played about an hour so far, but the graphics and game play mechanics are pretty cool.  Tons of videos on youtube and elsewhere about it, but think of Simcity done correctly with factions, trading, full diplomacy, and war...  ohh yeah, and the graphics are awesome...

So - thats it for now - Hopefully more updates soon!!


- Chris

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