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New moon and no astronomy jones...

Yeah - so its been almost a year and no posts... I see why so many blogs I read fizzle after some time.


Anyways - busy as always with kiddos.  Astronomy has taken a back seat of late - and I've gotten back into RC cars a bit - sold some astrophotography equipment I wasnt using.

Not sure where this winter will lead - on the hobby front that is.  I'm in line to pick up an Apple IIGS system and several Sun Workstations so the vintage computer side will definately be happenin.


I'll really try and post more... especially since I'm not doing much on facebook.  I really dont know which "social media" outlet to use... and no I wont just "use them all"..  


Seriously - Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook - its like social overload.  Thank God I dont have a twitter account and dont plan to.  I did sign up for instagram just to see what its all about - like facebook lite from a glance I'd say... Ohhh and I forgot Pinterest.  Then again - Pinterest is pretty cool.  Marie is using it to do most of her homescooling stuff, and its amazing what she finds on there.  I had no idea what was available!


Its a new moon tonight and even though I *should* I just dont feel like going out to observe tonight.  Thats been the case for the last few times.  I cleaned up the POD and got the bugs out... there was a flying ant invasion going on in there - not to mention a million spiders to feast on the ant buffet.  but they are all living in the shop vac now.

Yeah - astronomy... I keep trying, but in a yellow zone (for the un-initiated - that means we have moderate light pollution) its hard to see much even in the best conditions... not to mention, when you have done AP (Astro-photogrpahy) you realize how much there is that you CANT see visually without electronic aid.  I'm thinking about doing some prime focus AP on galaxies... previously I was using a Hyperstar.  The difference is, the Hyperstar reduces the f-ratio to F2 (gathers more light, but is a much wider field of view) vs. prime focus which has a focal ratio of F10.  It works like this - as the F number goes up, the visual field is reduced (narrower field of view) and magnification is increased.. it also reduced the amount of light gathered.  The opposite happens when you decrease the f-number - ou gather more light, the field increases and your magnification drops.


I'm hoping that with Prime Focus, I can capture some larger images of the M51 galaxy.  I had done some work at F2 and got great widefields of it:

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