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Not sure if anyone still checks this version of my site...

But I migrated everything over to Square Space 6 at my new site:

This is only here for historical reasons at this point....


- Chris


Our Star


Above is the current image of the Sun from the SOHO (Solar and Helipospheric Observatory) EIT 171 instrument.  Details about this instrument below:

"Full-disk image of the Sun at 171 Å (17.1 nm) wavelength from the Extreme ultraviolet ImagingTelescope (EIT) on the SOHO spacecraft. The 171 Å line indicates Fe IX/X and shows the coronal layers of the Sun at about 1.3 million K temperature."

I had the opportunity to use a solar telescope last week when I visited another amateur astronomer, it was an amazing experience.   It kindled an interest I have never had before in our Sun...


The image I saw was a Hydrogen Alpha wavelength image - not like the one above - it was similar to this:


I am seriously thinking about selling some guitar gear to get a dedicated solar telescope - it is an amazing thing to study a star up close.  amazing.


Here is a link to the SOHO site - where you can view the current state of teh Sun in various wavelengths of light, infrared and magnetic spectra:



More time with no posting..

Crazy spring... Lots coming... Big plans for setting a basement classroom/playroom, new telescopes, and the pool is open!!

Hopefully pics and updates soon, but it may be another couple weeks....



Wow, long time no post..

Sorry folks... Life has been hectic the last few months.. Hopefully things will settle down after mid-June...

I checked site statistics, and no views in a while... I hope at least someone has subscribed to the rss so they know the site isn't dead now..

Regardless, lots of things happening. Izak is a little motor mouth now, amazing me with how many new words he is learning!

Aryanna is also starting to get some words, and signs, under her belt. These kids are growing way too fast!

We have made our vacation schedule for the summer and it looks like we will not be around too often from late July to mid September.

Well, boring update I know.. I'll try and find something interesting to post soon!

- Chris


New track and Mesa Lonestar Amp!!!

I recorded a new track tonight on the fly - just noodling with my new Mesa Lonestar and was inspired.  Here is the result:

Lonestar Recording - 3-29-12

I've been searching for one of these amps for about three years, and finally found one that would work for my setup.