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3D Marching zoetrope

noun /ˈzō-ēˌtrōp/ 
A 19th-century optical toy consisting of a cylinder with a series of pictures on the inner surface that, when viewed through slits with the cylinder rotating, give an impression of continuous motion


I'll admit - I had to look that definition up.  I had seen this type of thing, usually in its standard form with either a flip book type animation or a spinning disk.  This one is quite interesting. 

Using a 3D printer and some electronics knowlege, [Tobias] turned the concept into a true 3D experience.

See video and be amazed at what people come up with in their spare time...


 Heres the linked story from


Internet Live Music Archive

I just discovered this - the internet archive has a live recordings archive.  

Whats VERY interesting, is the HI DEF recordings... use the search tool for "flac 24 bit"  and you will find 24bit, up to 192khz recordings... some AMAZING stuff..

These can be burned to a DVD-A and played on some DVD players..  Its like being at the concert... great great stuff!!

One of my current fav's - a little modern Jazz Fusion:

Garaj Mahal - Live a Keene State Solarfest

Its eclectic, but the sound is unbelieveable!


Class T (subset of Class D) amplifier modifications..

I picked up a Lepai Tripath Class T (from the name Tripath) amplifier and did a load of modifications to it.  It has amazing sound now.  These can be found on Parts express.. 

Lepai Tripath Amp

Stock, the amp is quite underpowered for anything below about 100hz.  But the following modifications unlock the potential in this little marvel:

1) Replace Power cap (I used a 10K uF 63V)

2) Replace power inductor (I used a 10uH 6A toroidal ferrite core)

3) Replace input Caps (Use 2.2uF audio caps)

4) Remove op amps and bypass tone control circuit

5) Replace output Inductors (I used the same inductor as before)

6) Use a high current power supply - 5A 12V LCD power supply from

Here is my video description of the mods and a sound sample:


The coolest DIY robot I've ever seen!


Not much I can say other than - WANT!!!


Lego Plotter


This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while...



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