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Searching - New Audio track 

Here is an .mp3 of my track called Searching from Navigating the Fretboard Labyrinth. Searching

And the angels rejoiced!

Today we dedicated our beautiful daughter, Aryanna, to the Lord!


Navigating the Fretboard Labyrinth

Very soon - I will be releasing my first Solo Guitar CD... this is just a fun project that I have been working on as I study the electric guitar.  I began by recording my practice sessions back when I still played drums, and that has progressed into songwriting.

The Disc will have 13 (more or less) tracks, all under 3 minutes - ranging from musical "sketches" and vague ideas - to completed compositions.  The process started over two years ago and some of the earliest recordings are very "spartan" in their composition...  But it tells a story, a progression over time.  Tracks are not in any particular order, other than what seemed to flow best.

This is the artwork I put together for the CD:

Check my YouTube Link for a few of the tracks...



8-18-11 Created our Web - Aggregation page...

As you can see - I'm trying out a new service - Squarespace. Been hearing about it on the TWIT podcast for quite some time and decide it was time. Here you will find *eventually* links to all of my and my families online files... photos, music, text... whatever we are involved in online, it will be linked here... This is the site to go to as a stating place for all things related to the Purdy family.

Check the social links for Youtube and Flickr, also there is a list of website links under Navigation to the various websites and forum contributions I (Chris) am active in.  Youtube has various music videos that I have recorded as I study guitar and drums.


Welcome, and enjoy!

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