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So - Why Escher?  What in the world does that have to do with Chris?


Simple - have a look at this image:

When I first saw that image - I must have been around 10 or 12 years old.  It changed my life - it changed the way I saw things, it put me on the path to who I am today.  

I can hear you saying "Really?  Your kidding, right?"

Nope - I dove into this image - wanted to know all about the artist.  M.C. Escher.  His work is one of the reasons I'm an Engineer.  Its one of the reasons I love digital art.

So - it seemed fitting, years ago, when I first logged onto IRC (Internet Relay Chat for the youngsters), a predecessor of modern discussion forums and chat rooms on facebook, that I choose a nickname that personified my "online identity"... So I Borrowed M.C. Escher's name... and have kept it to this day.

In any of the forum links you find on this site - you can do a search by username "escher" and you will find my posts.  My email addresses are all escher related.  

So - thats it - thats why "Escher"... Ohh and a bit of trivia - my first Ball Python, who lived about 8 years, was named Escher... ;)

- Chris (Escher)