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I'm Chris Purdy, and these pages are the culmination of many years of meandering around this mess we call the internet.  You may also know me by my online "handle", Escher - hence the website URL..

There is one primary issue with our "online presnece" these days - and that is the fact that it is completely disjoint.  We have facebook, google+, flickr, picasa, photobucket, persona web sites, file sharing sites, music sharing sites, etc,etc etc,...

I have joined so may things that I can't keep it all straight - so this site will serve that purpose.


I call it my "Online Life Aggregator"..  Come here to find a link to everything my family and I are involved in.


You will find links to our photos, my music, our faith, and places where we like to spend our time.  Enjoy looking around... and God Bless!


P.s. - The Promethean Visions tab with swap ou over to my squarespace 6 astronomy site... there is NO link back here from that site, so make sure to open that link in a new window/tab.